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On your first visit, a complimentary skin consultation and a full skin analysis will determine the best regimen for you.

Treatments at Medical Skin Aesthetics

Signature Treatment

Please allow 75 minutes

Impressive results in a single treatment.  Skin will look radiant and brighter with minimum downtime.  No medical skincare extravagance is spared – each treatment begins with meticulously exfoliating the skin that includes Derma-peeling (comparable to dermaplaning but with our exclusive proprietary hand tool ) and Microdermabrasion.

Enzyme therapy follows with thorough extractions to remove comedones and milia. After extractions a physician strength Chemical Peel is applied to the face, neck, chest and hands. Customized medical grade skin products are used throughout the treatment for lasting age defying results. Medical Skin Aesthetics always includes eyebrow shaping together with lash and brow tinting.

Follow treatment at home with our proprietary customized treatment programs and physician-strength products that will maintain your healthy glow. We provide written instructions with scientific skincare publications to guide our clients at home.  Before and after photographs are taken to document client results.

Individual treatment $155


Please allow 75 minutes

An exfoliating process that utilizes a 2% lactic acid (for sensitive skin) or a 20%-30% Glycolic solution. Your skin will have improved clarity, uniform color and even tone. No recovery time necessary.

Individual treatment $145

MicroPeel Plus

Please allow 75 minutes

Realize absolutely radiant, smooth skin with minimal recovery skin. A must for
patients who have acne prone and/or active acne. This revolutionary advanced treatment combines micro-sponge technology with Salicylic acid to achieve immediate results.

Individual treatment $145

Medical Skin Aesthetics Advanced Chemical Peels

Please allow 75 minutes

The strongest superficial peels available for anywhere on the body. May require quiet time, but what a dramatic improvement! Smoother, firmer, more youthful skin. Very safe, highly effective. Treatment includes face, neck and hands.

12% – 20% Lactic acid $145

12% – 20% Lactic acid with Hydroquinone $145

20% – 50% Glycolic acid $145

Modified Jessner $145

Modified Jessner with Hydroquinone $145

Physician-strength TCA $250 – $600

Eyelash Extensions

Truly beautiful. Please click here!

Individual treatment $265

Clinical Permanent Cosmetics

Please make an appointment with Alisha Valverde for a complimentary consultation to introduce you to this safe procedure. The consultation will take about 30 minutes and will help you determine if this procedure is right for you. There are so many benefits to applying Permanent cosmetics – it can add definition to most eyes, lips and eyebrows. This very important decision can truly accentuate your beauty and simplify your life. All prices include one touch-up appointment.

Eyebrows $550
Upper Eyelids $400
Lower Eyelids $400
Lip Line Enhancement $450
Full Lip $600
Eyebrow Correction $650

Safety and sterilization are paramount and strict OSHA guidelines are followed at Medical Skin Aesthetics for permanent cosmetics, disposable one time sterilized needles and components are used.

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