Overexposure to UV Radiation

In the new issue of  The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Gordon published a photo of a gentleman that showed the detrimental effects of UV damage. The left side of his face is sun ravaged from driving a truck for 28 years, the suns rays coming through his left window caused one side of his face to age drastically. The aging effects from not protecting his skin shows sagging, deep lines and uneven texture. UVA rays are ever present on cloudy days and can penetrate through glass in our cars, homes and offices. Sunblock is not an option and should be worn daily indoors and outdoors; even on days that are overcast. Medical Skin Aesthetics recommends a physical over a chemical Sunblock and reapplying every two hours if in direct sun.  EltaMD Sunblock provides broad spectrum protection that can protect our skin from premature aging.

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